Never smash your lights again!


removable indicators are coming soon!

*Still featuring the same, innovative click-release system with no moving parts to wear out

Prepare forĀ a hassle-free ride

Never smash your lights again while bush-bashing!.

All new body and lens with seamless, ultra-sonic sealed lens.
3D Lens Optics powered by premium quality SMT Philips LEDs.
Proven click-release spindle with no moving parts to wear out. (Reverse compatible with original-design socket).
All new rubber moisture guard eliminates water splashes, dust and mud from the socket and surrounding area for easy clicking in and out. (Reverse compatible with original-design lights).
All new easy-fit socket.
Lens combines unique frosted outer surface with concave, crystal-bright inner zone featuring 3D ‘cats-eye’ lens optics.
Vibration-proof components. Everything has been soldered, glued and screwed down!